Best Rowing Machine 350 Lb Weight Capacity

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1CITYROW Max Rower - Portable Rowing Machine for Home - ...Top Pick

CITYROW Max Rower – Portable Rowing Machine for Home – …

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2Original Peloton Bike | Indoor Stationary Exercise Bike with Immersive ...Best Quality

Original Peloton Bike | Indoor Stationary Exercise Bike with Immersive …

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3ASSAULTFITNESS Assault AirBike Elite, GreyRecommended

ASSAULTFITNESS Assault AirBike Elite, Grey

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4NordicTrack Smart Rower with 22” HD Touchscreen and 30-Day iFIT ...

NordicTrack Smart Rower with 22” HD Touchscreen and 30-Day iFIT …

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5WaterRower Club Rowing Machine w/ S4 Monitor & Hi Rise ...

WaterRower Club Rowing Machine w/ S4 Monitor & Hi Rise …

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6Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 Performance Monitor, ...

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 Performance Monitor, …

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7Teeter Power10 Rower with 2-Way Magnetic Resistance Elliptical Motion – ...

Teeter Power10 Rower with 2-Way Magnetic Resistance Elliptical Motion – …

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8Bowflex Max Trainer M3

Bowflex Max Trainer M3

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9Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical (LT1)

Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical (LT1)

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10Echelon Smart Rowing Machine + 30-Day Free Echelon Membership

Echelon Smart Rowing Machine + 30-Day Free Echelon Membership

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Review of Best Rowing Machine 350 Lb Weight Capacity

Top Pick

CITYROW Max Rower - Portable Rowing Machine for Home - ...

1. CITYROW Max Rower – Portable Rowing Machine for Home – …

  • Brand: CITYROW GO
  • Manufacturer: CITYROW
  • Dimensions: Height: 45.0 Inches Width: 22.0 Inches Length: 85.0 Inches Weight: 75.0 Pounds `


  • ROWERS FOR AT HOME EXERCISE: CITYROW’s Max rower combines water and wood with technology. Featuring an innovative water resistance mechanism and a built-in 19.5″ touchscreen with high-fidelity speakers, you’ll forget you’re at home! Our portable exercise equipment can be stored and put away in less than twenty (20) seconds in less space than an end table. Bring the power of the gym home with you with a rowing machine for exercise as you’ve never experienced- it’s an unrivaled full-body workout!
  • REAL WATER ROWING MACHINE: The CITYROW Max is a water rower machine using water resistance to closely simulate the experience of rowing a boat on the water. Rowing works almost all of your muscles (86%) for a true, one-and-done total body workout. Plus, it’s easy on the joints while effectively elevating your heart rate.
  • PERFECT FOR EVERYONE: Our rowing machine for home is scalable and adjustable for all body types, sizes, and fitness levels. Plus, workout data from your Max Rower syncs with our CITYROW GO app and with Apple Watch for a truly connected fitness experience.
  • SWEATPROOF HD TOUCHSCREEN MONITOR: Seamlessly view your data in real-time as you row in stunning HD. The screen swivels 30 degrees for workouts on and off the rower and has 20 watts of speaker power. Data syncs directly into our CITYROW GO app and on-screen so you can track your progress over time. Built in the USA of sustainable hardwood, we truly believe we’ve created the best rowing machines for home use. Our rowing simulator is sure to satisfy all of your health and fitness needs!
  • LIVE, ON-DEMAND WORKOUTS: For just $29 per month, a CITYROW GO membership is required so you can access live workouts and thousands of on-demand workouts for use with or without our workout rowing machine. There are dozens of new classes every single week! With multiple profiles on the same membership, your friends and family members can all have individual access to their stats to track their progress.

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Best Quality

Original Peloton Bike | Indoor Stationary Exercise Bike with Immersive ...

2. Original Peloton Bike | Indoor Stationary Exercise Bike with Immersive …

  • Brand: Peloton
  • Manufacturer: Peloton
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: Height: 53.0 Inches Width: 23.0 Inches Length: 59.0 Inches Weight: 135.0 Pounds `


  • GAME-CHANGING CARDIO – Clip into Peloton Bike for a workout experience that goes beyond cycling. Stay motivated as you sing, dance, and climb the Leaderboard with other Members.
  • VALUE-PACKED MEMBERSHIP – A Peloton All-Access Membership must be purchased separately in order to access Peloton content on your Bike. You’ll pay $44/mo for your entire household and get unlimited access to our entire library of content available on your Bike and the Peloton App. Your account can be activated during Bike setup, wi-fi required.
  • SMALL-SPACE FRIENDLY – Has a compact, 4‘ x 2’ footprint, and an adjustable seat, handlebar, and screen, which tilts to accommodate different heights. This stationary bike fits comfortably in your home whether you’re low on square footage or working around furniture.
  • CONTROLS & FEATURES – Peloton Bike features delta-compatible pedals, a resistance knob for manual control, 2-channel rear-facing stereo speaker system with 16 watts of total power, 10-point multitouch touchscreen, USB microport, 3.5 mm headphone jack, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, 5 megapixel front-facing camera, built-in microphone, and up and down volume buttons.
  • MEASUREMENTS & REQUIREMENTS – We require leaving 24” on all four sides to store and train on your Bike. Keeping your Bike in a room with a minimum ceiling height of 8’ will ensure adequate headroom while riding. Dimensions: 59” L x 53” H x 23” W; Screen: 22” diagonal; Weight: 135 lbs; Power cord length: 10’. User requirements – Height range: 4’11”–6’5”; weight maximum: 297 lbs; age minimum: 14.
  • WHAT’S IN THE BOX – You’ll get step-by-step instructions to make assembly easy. Bike frame, stabilizers, handlebars, water bottle holders, pedals, weight holders, touchscreen, and toolkit are included. Some parts are located in the touchscreen box. Be sure to check both boxes for all parts before throwing away. Shoes, mat, and other accessories sold separately.
  • VARIETY OF CLASSES – Explore thousands of classes across 10+ disciplines that go beyond cycling—from strength and yoga to meditation and more. Try outdoor classes on the Peloton App, boxing, or a gamified cycling experience with Peloton Lanebreak. All-Access Membership separate.
  • MOTIVATING INSTRUCTORS – With a lineup of 50+ instructors, you’ll find the right person to help you crush every goal. Whether you’re fueled by feel-good energy or a can-do attitude, there’s an instructor to motivate you no matter what mood you’re in.
  • TRACK YOUR PROGRESS – Use on-screen metrics to see how you’re improving class after class. Monitor your speed, resistance, heart rate, and power to follow the instructor’s workout plan. And Peloton Bike is compatible with Apple Watch, so you can close your rings with one-tap tracking.
  • SELF-ASSEMBLY – The Bike and Bike package are extremely heavy and require more than one person to lift or carry. Lifting heavy objects can cause muscle strain and back injuries and heavy objects can fall and cause injury and physical damage. Use lifting aids and proper lifting techniques when moving or assembling the Peloton Bike. A second person may be helpful when raising and lowering the Bike.

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ASSAULTFITNESS Assault AirBike Elite, Grey

3. ASSAULTFITNESS Assault AirBike Elite, Grey

  • Manufacturer: Lifecore Fitness, Inc.
  • Color: Grey
  • Dimensions: Height: 55.0 Inches Width: 26.26 Inches Length: 55.8 Inches


  • Solid steel frame
  • Upper and lower body engagement
  • Large supportive seat. Maximum user weight: 350 pounds
  • Performance tracking via integrated LCD display
  • Hiit interval programs. Dimensions (Assembled)-55L x 26.2W x 55H inches

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NordicTrack Smart Rower with 22” HD Touchscreen and 30-Day iFIT ...

4. NordicTrack Smart Rower with 22” HD Touchscreen and 30-Day iFIT …

  • Brand: NordicTrack
  • Manufacturer: iFIT Health & Fitness
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: Height: 50.4 Inches Width: 22.0 Inches Length: 86.5 Inches Weight: 130.6 Pounds `


  • 30-Day iFIT Family Membership Included; Stream live & on-demand workouts on your equipment with Global Workouts & Studio Classes; Add up to 5 users; Elite trainers adjust your equipment ( dollars39 value)
  • 22” HD Interactive Touchscreen Display streams on-demand iFIT workouts into your home directly on your rowing machine; Adjustable Console Angle for a variety of training both on and off your equipment
  • 26 Digital Resistance Levels; Your iFIT Trainer auto-adjusts your smart rower’s resistance for an optimized workout that meets your goals and realistically simulates famous bodies of water
  • Innovative SpaceSaver Design; Your rower folds in half after your workout for compact storage; Bluetooth Headphone Connectivity; Link your Bluetooth headphones to your rower for an improved experience
  • 250-pound user capacity; Protected with a 10-year frame warranty, 2-year parts warranty, and 1-year labor warranty; 50.4” H x 22” W x 86.5” L

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WaterRower Club Rowing Machine w/ S4 Monitor & Hi Rise ...

5. WaterRower Club Rowing Machine w/ S4 Monitor & Hi Rise …

  • Brand: WaterRower
  • Manufacturer: WaterRower
  • Color: Rose and Black
  • Dimensions: Height: 21.0 Inches Width: 22.0 Inches Length: 83.0 Inches Weight: 114.0 Pounds `


  • WaterRower Dimensions: 82in x 22in x 28in / Weight: 114 Lbs (With Water) / Storage Dimensions: 28in x 22in x 82in (Easily Store It On End)
  • Built For Light Commercial Use and Practically Maintenance Free, Rowing Machine Targets All Major Muscle Groups (84 percent Of Total Muscle Mass) W/ Excellent Adjustable Resistance Levels
  • Made W/ Kiln Dried Harwood; Danish Oil and Urethane Finish For Better Wood Performance/Strength and Cozy Feel To Your Gym
  • Boasts A Patented Water Flywheel That Mimics The Natural Dynamics Of Rowing Yet Suitable For Users W/ Joint Concerns (Chlorine Tablet Is Available Free Of Charge)

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Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 Performance Monitor, ...

6. Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 Performance Monitor, …

  • Brand: Concept2
  • Manufacturer: Concept2
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: Height: 14.0 Inches Width: 24.0 Inches Length: 96.0 Inches Weight: 57.32 Pounds `


  • This item benefits from an Extended 90 Day Return Window
  • Low impact workout that engages all major muscle groups; work legs, core and arms with a smooth, high calorie-burning motion
  • Track your progress with real-time reliable data; the Performance Monitor 5 (included) self-calibrates for comparable results; connect wirelessly to heart rate belts and apps (not included)
  • Designed to fit most users: 14-inch seat height, adjustable footrests and ergonomic handle
  • Separates easily into two pieces for storage; caster wheels make it mobile; easy to assemble with only eight screws. Space Recommendations- Assembled- 8 ft x 2 ft (244 cm x 61 cm). For Storage- 25 in x 33 in x 54 in (63. 5 cm x 83. 8 cm x 137. 2 cm)
  • Space recommended for use is 9 x 4 feet; 500-pound user capacity; 5-year frame included. Seat Height: 14 inches. Users with an inseam of 38 inches (96. 5 cm) or more may require an extra-long monorail
  • Included components: Concept2 Model D RowErg, Performance Monitor 5 computer (PM5), Smartphone Cradle, User Manual, PM5 Quick Start Guide, tools and illustrated assembly instructions.

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Teeter Power10 Rower with 2-Way Magnetic Resistance Elliptical Motion – ...

7. Teeter Power10 Rower with 2-Way Magnetic Resistance Elliptical Motion – …

  • Brand: Teeter
  • Manufacturer: Teeter
  • Dimensions: Height: 43.0 Inches Width: 38.0 Inches Length: 63.0 Inches Weight: 180.007436923 Pounds `


  • ROWING MADE BETTER: Engage more muscles than any other rower with bi-directional resistance. The patented elliptical path lets you switch from a pull motion to a push motion mid-workout to target specific muscle groups while recovering others, defining your legs, back, chest, arms, and core in one workout!
  • BETTER CARDIO & STRENGTH:  Work your full upper and lower body in one workout.  Burn calories while building lean muscle with just one piece of compact home fitness equipment.
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR WORKOUT: Multi-grip handles allow you to target specific muscles in the upper body for optimal toning. 7 levels of variable resistance lets you increase intensity for full muscle burn or decrease resistance to build endurance.
  • FREE PERSONAL TRAINING APP: Access on-demand trainer-led workouts – no subscription or fees. From beginner classes to high intensity training, our trainers will guide you on your path to total fitness.
  • PERFORMANCE TRACKER + HEART RATE MONITOR: The Digital Performance Monitor tracks time, calories, distance, and strokes per minute. The included bluetooth enabled chest strap connects to the monitor wirelessly or 3rd party apps to display your heart rate while working out.

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Bowflex Max Trainer M3

8. Bowflex Max Trainer M3

  • Brand: Bowflex
  • Manufacturer: Bowflex
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: Height: 26.5 Inches Width: 22.5 Inches Length: 46.5 Inches Weight: 143.0 Pounds `


  • Max activates muscle and helps incinerate calories in every full-body workout
  • Combines the easy low-impact motion of an elliptical with the calorie burning power of a stepper
  • Max can deliver the cardio benefits of interval training in as little as 14 minutes
  • Max’s unique burn rate display shows how many calories burned per minute and sets activity level targets
  • Target zone and burn rate indicators motivate you by setting targets to help you achieve your goals
  • Interactive backlit display features 2 workout programs and 8 resistance levels

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Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical (LT1)

9. Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical (LT1)

  • Brand: Teeter
  • Manufacturer: Teeter
  • Dimensions: Height: 52.5 Inches Width: 29.0 Inches Length: 54.0 Inches


  • ZERO-IMPACT EXERCISE: Ideal for all fitness levels. The naturally-reclined seated position eliminates stress on the joints and back and reduces body fatigue while delivering a total body, fat-burning cardio workout. A great exercise option for those with Arthritis, Parkinson’s or MS.
  • WHISPER-QUIET, FLUID STRIDE: The natural striding motion follows a smooth, linear path to protect your knees and joints. With 13 levels of smooth magnetic resistance, a simple turn of the dial takes your workout from zero to intense.
  • TOTAL BODY WORKOUT: Dual power motion works your upper and lower body simultaneously, engaging all major muscle groups to build strength and burn more calories. Modify the workout by isolating your legs or arms for added intensity.
  • SMART DESIGN: Track progress with the easy-to-read, battery-powered digital console; device stand and water bottle holder; convenient transport wheels.
  • COMMERCIAL-GRADE ENGINEERING: Friction-free linkage system means long-lasting use; Low-profile 54″ x 38″ footprint.

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Echelon Smart Rowing Machine + 30-Day Free Echelon Membership

10. Echelon Smart Rowing Machine + 30-Day Free Echelon Membership

  • Brand: Echelon
  • Manufacturer: Echelon
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: Height: 43.7 Inches Width: 20.47 Inches Length: 84.65 Inches Weight: 120.0 Pounds `


  • Enjoy a FREE 30-day trial of the Echelon Premier Membership with access to more than 3,000 live and on-demand connected fitness classes led by the world’s best instructors through the Echelon Fit App. Classes range from 5 to 45 minutes and are designed for everyone from beginner to pro athletes. Explore classes like Cycling, Rowing, Running, HIIT, Kickboxing, Yoga, Pilates, and more. One membership allows up to five users, so your friends and family can enjoy the Echelon experience together.
  • DESIGN: Get a total-body workout that challenges you in all the right ways with the Row! Foldable design, sophisticated engineering and rotating console to hold your tablet or smartphone. This rower has everything you need for an effective row workout.
  • FEATURES & PERFORMANCE: Device holder that both swivels 90° and flips 180° for off row workouts. – Resistance controls located on handlebars – An easy-glide seat, ergonomic handlebars and 32 silent magnetic resistance levels offer a low-impact workouts that are equal parts challenging and dynamic. Built-in wheels to help you move it where you need with ease.
  • CONTENT: With a membership, you’ll get Speed, Strength, Endurance and Fusion classes you can access live and on-demand. Plus, on-demand scenic rides from some of the best waterways in the world. You also get our Fitpass programs which include yoga, strength, pilates, boxing and much more!
  • MUSIC: We Don’t Play Elevator Music! With a membership, you’ll stay energized and motivated with the best music in the industry. We partner with the top record labels to bring you the latest music for the best fitness experience. Dance, EDM, Folk and Funk. Hip Hop to K-Pop. Metal, Latin and R&B…whatever your ears want, we’ve got!
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We fully stand behind our product. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our quality or your experience, you are covered for the first 30 days with our satisfaction guaranteed policy and 5-star customer service. Simply reach out to us and we will make it right!
  • WARRANTY & SUPPORT Our customer service is here to help with any issues under the Echelon 12-month limited parts and labor warranty.

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